Palomino American Saddlebreds offered for sale:

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All horses are registered American Saddlebreds with ASHA.

Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold
(Desert's Supreme Admiral x Hallmark's Sea Princess)
1994 Palomino Saddlebred Stallion 
16.2 hands
Private Treaty

Looking to add some size and length of neck to your herd? Click on Sailor's webpage to view his extended pedigree and some of his foals.


I'm Sparkling Gold
(Gold Suntana x Starheart's Lacy Rose)
2002 Palomino Saddlebred Mare
16 hands

Wonderful saddle horse, has been worked in the arena and on the trails, she is very gentle and with a friendly personality. Excellent conformation with lots of motion.

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Suntana's Satin Doll
(Gold Suntana x Lacy Shantilli)
2003 Palomino Saddlebred Mare
15.3+ hands

A superb saddlehorse with a great mouth, no bad habits, easy to manage, great ground manners, parks, long lines, lounges, trailers, very nice in the arena and on trails. Eager to learn, capable of any discipline.

Golden Idol
(Gold Suntana x Cash Me In)
2003 Palomino Saddlebred Gelding
16 hands

Started under Saddle, very powerful, free moving, would make an outstanding Dressage horse and three day event prospect. Ready for any job you would put him on.

I'm the Cat's Pajamas
(Gold Suntana x Cat Supreme)
2005 Palomino Saddlebred Filly
15.3 hands

Long and stretchy, nice head set, just started under saddle, very smart and willing. Darker gold color, has been Lounged, Long Lined, parks out, no blemishes or bad habits, big trot, a real show off

Gold Thunder
(Gold Suntana x Cash Me In)
2005 Palomino Saddlebred Gelding
16 hands

Deep Golden color, Snow white mane and tail. Started under saddle, exceptional disposition, this guy has endless possibilities. Strong, very smooth, bold mover, fantastic ground manners, Parks out, Long lines, Lounges, no blemishes or bad habits, great color, a very special handsome individual…….Dressage, Parade, fantastic trail horse,3 or 5 gaited.

I'm The Pink Panther
(Gold Suntana x Desert's Golden Beauty)
2006 Cremello Saddlebred Stallion
15.2+ hands

Wonderful Ground manners will make an excellent Palomino Sire, and a GREAT performance horse. Extremely willing to do anything you may ask. Nice head set and neck, strong hock motion, very well built. Lounges, Long Lines, Parks out, bold mover, any discipline he will excel in, especially Dressage.

Precious Gold
(Gold Suntana x Cash Me In)
2006 Palomino Saddlebred Filly
15.3 hands

Big beautiful girl, gentle, wonderful ground manners, parks out. Lounges, Long Lines, perfect newly minted Gold color, Will make a outstanding Parade horse, show, driving, trail, endurance, any discipline you might be interested in pursuing.

Miss Harvest Moon
(Gold Suntana x Doubletree's As Good As Gold)
2006 Palomino Saddlebred Filly
15.3 hands

This big girl is a mover with lots of motion, easy to handle, nice ground manners, no bad habits or blemishes. Lounges, Long Lines, Parks out, would make a exceptional 3 or 5 gaited show prospect, dressage, trail pleasure, what every discipline you desire.

Freedom is Golden
(Gold Suntana x Starheart's Lacy Rose)
2006 Palomino Saddlebred Gelding
16+ hands

This patriotic named Gelding is special, he is a exceptional individual, vibrant, fearless, powerful motion yet extremely smooth, potential plus. Lounges, long Lines, Parks Out, etc. he’s a Winner. Dressage, Three Day Eventing

Frozen in Gold
(Gold Suntana x Lickity Split Too)
2007 Palomino Gelding
16+ Hands


Well built, very nice personable fellow, he has the very best potential, and will excel at all disciplines-Gaited, Dressage, Eventing, Trail and pleasure, also endurance. Lounges, long lines, Parks up, impeccable ground manners.

Gold Amigo
(Gold Suntana x Lacy Shantilli)
2007 Palomino Stallion
16.3 Hands

This Golden Palomino Stud is amazing, he is well mannered, easy to handle, Lounges, Long Lines, Parks out, Huge trot, an eye catching flowing motion, power house hocks, long Graceful neck, superior conformation and oh so willing to please.

I'm A Magic Moment
(Gold Gone Wild x Golden Bluffs)
2007 Palomino Gelding

Deep Gold coat, four white feet, brilliant white mane and tail, good personality, eager to learn, Lounges, Long lines, Parks Out, no blemishes or bad habits, very good conformation, no faults, FLASHY, he performs well at all disciplines

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Hot Smokin' Gold
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x Cat Supreme)
2008 Palomino Mare

This gal is really something, she is extremely upright, high tail set, very nice neck, absolutely gorgeous head, powerful motion, friendly, outstanding conformation. She’s something and a magnificent gold with two tall hind stockings. Any discipline desired.

Golden Cheers
(Sailor’s Alaska Glacier Gold x Cash Me In)
2008 Palomino Mare

“Cheers” is a short backed, Power House, extra high tail set, a flowing high animated trot, breath taking dished head, huge eyes, a package to “DIE FOR” and her golden palomino color is wonderful, with one white sock and a beautiful bright Star. She’s going to be a REAL performance Horse. You ask, you receive...

I'm The Golden Goddess
(Gold Suntana x Starheart's Lacy Rose)
2008 Palomino Mare

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Boomtown Gold
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x Platinum and Gold)
2008 Cremello Saddlebred Gelding

Frosted Arctic Gold
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x I'm Sparkling Gold)
2009 Palomino Mare

Northern Golden Glow
(Sailor's Alaska Glacier Gold x Cash Me In)
2009 Palomino Saddlebred Mare

Supreme Chance
(Gold Suntana x Lacy Shantilli)
2010 Palomino Saddlebred Gelding

Chance is 16.3 hands, gentle, started under saddle, forward moving with lots of elegance. Super all around gelding.

Gold "Rocks"
(Gold Suntana x Lacy Shantilli)
2014 Palomino Saddlebred Colt
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(Gold Suntana x Lacy Shantilli)
2017 Palomino Filly

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